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Add More Life To Your Mitsubishi

Car Care You Can Trust

For the past 25 years, we have been your official Mitsubishi motor vehicle service solution in North Vancouver. Cars. Trucks. SUVs. Even non-Mitsubishi models. We have a skilled team of factory-trained technicians that do it all!

It's no secret that regular maintenance on your vehicle will extend the life of your engine and save you from costly repairs down the road. Getting your car serviced each year – and maintaining it between services – is money well spent. Problems are likely to be caught early on when they're cheaper to fix, and your car will have a better resale value and longer life.

It is important to keep your vehicle on a scheduled maintenance. To keep your vehicle in the best possible condition it should typically be serviced every six months. If that hasn't been the case for your vehicle, visit your official North Vancouver Mitsubishi dealership. Automotive care done right!

We specialize in Lube and Oil Changes, Fluid Levels Checks, Tire Swaps & Alignment, Belt Replacement, Brake Pad Replacement, Headlamps Replacement, Radiator Hose Replacement, Air Filter Replacement, and Wiper Blades

Watch Out for dashboard messages


Your dashboard contains warning messages about a wide range of topics, including issues with the braking system, engine, oil and coolant levels, and tire pressure.Your car owner's manual will explain what each lit-up warning message means and what you need to do. So if you see a lit-up warning message, always check it out straight away. It could save you hefty repair costs later, or even prevent you being a danger to other motorists and pedestrians.

Lube, Oil & Filter Change


Maintaining regular oil changes will help improve your gas mileage and protect your engine. The recommended timeframe to bring in your vehicle is every 3-6 months. Doing this could make it possible for your vehicle's engine running much longer. Our staff will change the oil filter at the same time. If you think your vehicle requires an oil and filter change, contact our Service Center today or make a service appointment today!

Brake Maintenance Service


Brake pads tend to gradually wear down and lose their thickness. Don't let them wear down to metal, this will cause damage to your brake rotors and could jeopardize your security! Our brake maintenance service at North Vancouver Mitsubishi will increase the braking system's life span and maintain your break's performance. We encourage you to contact our Service Center or schedule a service appointment online.

Wheel Inspection


Your tires play a crucial role in your vehicle's overall safety and performance. Proper inflation, and early and regular rotation help to extend the life of your tire. When it comes time to switch or replace your tires, North Vancouver Mitsubishi is here to assist you finding new ones that best suit your needs.

Power Steering Flush


Driving on steep uphill streets can increase demand on the steering system due to more cornering and turning. Eventually the power steering fluid will oxidize, the seals will harden and wear commences that causes stiffness in steering, noise in the steering pump or rack and eventual failure. When you visit North Vancouver Mitsubishi for Power Steering Flush, you can count on us to take good care of you and your vehicle.

Air Conditioning & Pollen Filter


The air conditioning system regulates the flow, temperature and quality of air to keep the passenger cabin comfortable. The cabin air filter captures unwanted particles such as pollen, dust and other pollutants before they get to the passenger compartment. Over time, filters can become clogged, reducing the airflow from your air conditioner and heater.

Courtesy Vehicles & Free Carwash


Our Service Department offers courtesy cars, if requested at time of appointment, waiting area, free carwash, driver to pick you up and drop you off (North Shore only), and free coffee.

Our parts and service staff has years of experience to answer all your service maintenance related questions. When looking for car service maintenance or even sound auto advice, you want someone you can trust. Schedule an appointment online, call our Service Department at (604) 983-3911.